The Training Department is essentially a simple and cost effective way of outsourcing part of your in house training team giving them space to work on more personal and high value projects.

The Training Department works with companies of all sizes to meet the business challenges of today.  We ignite workplace enthusiasm by developing focused and highly effective training and coaching programmes that add real measurable value to your employees. In turn this creates more confident, empowered, inspired, and enthusiastic individuals that create “can do” cultures that led to more success .

Modern challenges call for modern solutions, we use our 15 years of experience and the latest technology to deliver our Training On Demand service that includes a comprehensive library of employee training of employee training such as Money Laundering, Health & Safety etc. We also work with your HR and Training Departments to develop your current in-house regular training requirements such as ICD (Induction, Compliance, Development) training  and use this materiel to create a bespoke branded online portal for your organisation. This service then frees up your HR and in house training provision to focus on key developmental outcomes.