What Are Core Skills?????????

Over the past decade or even just the last five years, managers and their teams have worked in an almost constant state of change. We have witnessed the continued march of globalisation and rapid pace of technological development. It is evident that teams that want to be successful will need to be confident in their skills and have a depth of resilience in applying this in day to day activity.

Based on a number of surveys that ask employers in organisations both small and large what are the core skills they look for in employees, a clear list emerges.   These skills are the key to developing a productive “can do” workforce and ensuring ongoing success and organisational growth.

The list of core skills include:

Verbal Communication Skills  Able to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech
 Team Work  Be able to work confidently within a group
 Initiative & Self-Motivation  Be able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & proactive in putting forward ideas & solutions
 Presentation Skills  The ability to give clear, compelling presentations with confidence.
 Leadership Ability  Able to motivate and direct others
 Management Skill  The ability to make business decisions and lead a team successfully
 Time Management  Manage time effectively, prioritising tasks and able to work to deadlines.
 Analytical Skills  Be able to gather information systematically to establish facts & principles. Problem solving.
 Goal Setting  The ability to set and achieve goals successfully.

Our “Core Skills” provision is an online learning package that has been established to provide a range of information, resources, e-learning materials, Web classes and podcasts that enable employees to continually develop their skills and confidence in key developmental areas.

With over 300 hours worth of training available across our platform, you can be sure that your teams will be able to find all their developmental needs in one easy to access place.  What’s more, there’s no need to organise travel, to take extended time out of the office and you don’t have the worry of finding a location that suits you and your teams .

The current list of skill groups covered includes:

Time Management – Goal Setting – Leadership Development – Management Skills – Communication Skills – Coaching Skills – Conducting Successful Appraisals – and more.

How Does It Work?

We use a simple subscription approach based on the number of users at any one time. Organisations are given a unique login to the system, then each learner receives an e-mail with log in details. Once logged into the system, individuals can choose which course they wish to study.

The system tracks their progress through the training and can if required, send an e-mail to the training department when the training quiz or knowledge review has been completed.

cloudIndividuals can log onto the system form any PC, tablet or even their smart phone and complete the training, no special software is required, just a web browser. .

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